Week 9: Adding value to your stories

There are plenty of options for making your story stand out. Picture: otherthings/CC/flickr


All the bells and whistles

Finding a great story and writing it beautifully isn’t enough these days – for your readers or the people who employ you.

It’s more important than ever to both get someone’s attention and keep them engaged.

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Week 9 Producing: Generating ideas

Ideas are precious. Photo illustration: pikrepo.com/CC


Let’s take a look at:

  • Generating ideas for topics for program segments
  • How can we put a new angle on the topic?
  • Identifying opportunities for audio production elements
  • Think about being adaptive to the way that we make media
  • This post by Natalie explains how design thinking can help with ideas
  • Sometimes, we have the luxury of a radio studio, other times, we create remotely or at home:
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Week 4: Podcasts & audio stories

Photo: pixnio.cm/CC

Australians are among the world’s most enthusiastic makers, streamers, and downloaders of audio content, according to this feature in the SMH.

The best audio stories are scripted, and if they contain an interview the questions are researched and written out beforehand.

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Week 4: Copyright matters!

Don’t steal stuff. Photo by Anna Shvets/CC/Pexels.com


At #teamTAFE you’ll hear this over and over again: copyright matters

There are laws in place to ensure we don’t just use whatever content we find online. Admittedly those laws are complex because they can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Many countries use their own copyright laws to determine whether or not a violation has occurred. You can read more about international copyright law here.

TL;DR: Assume you cannot steal borrow the stuff you find online.

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