Week 6 (8/9): Recap week

writing on a whiteboard spells out the importance of finding your voice
Photo: 日本語/CC/Wikimedia Commons


Last week we practised writing for the ears. We learnt about the structure of writing for radio and television concentrating on the narrative elements for audio stories. Today we will continue to apply what we have learnt.

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Week 5 (2/9): Writing for broadcast news

journalists in the al jazeera newsroom
Al Jazeera English newsroom. Photo: Paul Keller/CC/flickr


Class discussion: How do you interact with TV and Radio news?

Elements used in TV news:

    • A script written by the reporter
    • On-location footage featuring the reporter and interviewees
    • Video footage supplied by a cameraman
    • Audio recorded by the reporter (narration and interviews with sources/witnesses)
    • Still images and graphic images (tables/charts/cartoons etc)
    • A news anchor/presenter

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