Week 1 (20/7): Welcome to Media Project

Make stuff! Photo: pxhere/CC0 Public Domain


Technology and the internet form a part of our everyday lives in the digital age. The use of social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. is particularly prominent among adolescents, teenagers, and young adults. These individuals form a significant portion of the 3.5 billion social media users worldwide.

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#9: Dear me

Photo Needpix

Write a letter to your younger self.

When you’re done:

Post it to your WordPress site with an appropriate headline and CC-licensed image.

If you’re feeling brave, share the post link to our section Facebook group with the hashtag #ContentChallenge.

Need some help getting started?

For this challenge – just start writing.

When you’re finished writing, edit.

If you’re stuck, choose a particular age for your younger self.
Think of one thing you wish you’d known at that age.

It can be silly or serious, superficial or profound – it’s all good!