Week 5: Who’s your audience, and how do you make them pay attention?

Who’s your audience? Photo: davidrbanta/deviantart


Know who you’re talking to

Although you might have the goal of reaching as many people as possible, your audience isn’t ‘everyone’. It’s a group of people with similar characteristics that you’d like to get your message to.

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Week 3: Audience

young woman takes a photo with a mobile phone
Audiences can now interact with media and participate in journalism and newsmaking. Photo: pikist.com/CC


First: Five minute discussion – what have you read this week?

… and let’s do the News Quiz 🤓

Journalism has changed.

No longer are journalists communicating one way with an audience and broadcasting to the masses, audiences are now able to interact with the media and communicate back.

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Week 2 (PM): Audience

young people dance and listen to music using headphones at a silent disco
Audiences can be pretty diverse. Photo: Silent disco in Germany, Hauke Thimm Photography/CC/Wikimedia Commons


This afternoon we’re going to simulate a content meeting and come up with ideas for a radio show.

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