Week 14 (18/11): How the Zen of punctuation and grammar leads to self-editing nirvana

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Fine tuning your final assessment task presents the perfect opportunity to look at the importance of self-editing.

Polishing your feature means not only ensuring that your writing is concise and effective – it is also the time for locating and eliminating spelling and/or grammatical mistakes.

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Week 14 (16/11): The End

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Sally Adams explains in her book that a feature should offer a satisfying conclusion. She says features often end with statements or quotes; less commonly with anecdotes and descriptions; rarely with questions. My advice: avoid the question ending at all costs – it should be left to experienced writers!

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Week 12 (4/11): Video storytelling elements when editing

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As video is a visual medium, what is seen on screen is of the utmost importance.

You can save uninteresting, badly lit, blurry, wrongly formatted footage or even a lack of footage by using editing elements to help tell your story. 

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Week 12 (4/11): Simple videos Part 3

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Putting your story together

For the last two weeks you have been organising and shooting your short story. This week will be when you put it all together into a final cut.

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Week 9 (14/10): Shooting your video story

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In Week 8 we discussed storyboarding and ways to visually cover your story like Piece To Camera, Voice Over, Close Ups, Location Shot, Images, Graphs & Text on Screen, SFX, Music.

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