Week 2 (19/2): The media biz

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Introduction to the unit Articulate, debate and present ideas.

Media is a hungry beast that demands 24/7 content. It dictates that you come up with ideas, flesh them out through workshopping and road testing before you finally present them. Exactly how you unleash your creations upon the world is up to you: blogs, radio, TV, documentaries, articles; platforms are plentiful!

How do we communicate when the spotlight is shining upon us?

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Week 7 Producing (14/9): Make Me Media

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Diploma TAFE Radio Show streaming times: 

    • Monday. 11am
    • Tuesday. 3pm
    • Thursday. 6pm
    • Saturday. 10am

Today’s task is Make Me Media plus listen to TAFE Radio and air-check in real time!

Let’s have a content meeting and strive to create a story that’s NOT COVID-19  related.

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