Week 12 (12/05): Writing features

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Assessment 3: Feature Story

Research and write a Feature Story – A Human Interest Story of your choice.

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Week 1 (10/2): Introduction to Writing

Eager young reporters learning the trade. Photo: JMULibraries/Flickr/CC


Welcome to Writing

Writing is a simple word that encompasses many meanings, even when restricted to the world of journalism, and, when it’s done right, is both a craft AND an art.

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Week 9 (13/10): Brainstorming a feature story

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One of the toughest things for a new writer is generating story ideas. Often they do not know what to write about and brainstorming a new story idea can be quite overwhelming.

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Week 12 (11/5): The first draft

Photo: Sam Hood/State Library of NSW
Photo: Sam Hood/State Library of NSW

Writing, says our mate Jack Hart, is like organised thinking. Organising your information is the first step towards imposing order on the writing process, thereby disciplining the mind.

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