#4: Sweet Charity <3

Image by Venita Oberholster


Produce a 15 or 30 second community service announcement for a charity or not-for-profit organisation of your choice.

It must be suitable for a TAFE Radio audience, and definitely must be #safeforTAFE

When you’re done:

Upload to Soundcloud.

Embed the Soundcloud in a new post on your WordPress site with an appropriate headline and CC-licensed image.

If you’re feeling brave, share the post link to our section Facebook group with the hashtag #ContentChallenge.

Need some help getting started?

Not sure which charity to choose?
This directory might help.

Not sure how to write your community service announcement?
Once you’ve chosen the charity or not-for-profit, have a look at their website for ideas. Keep the idea simple, and your script clear.

There’s a guide here too.

Not sure about Soundcloud?

    1. Set up a free account.
    2. Upload your track.
    3. Then embed it on WordPress.