Socials Week 1 & 2: Staying safe online

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We live so much of our lives online.

We learn, we share, and meaningfully connect with each other online.

We research. We buy things. We talk to strangers. We talk to friends.

We learn more about ourselves and the world.

This all sounds great, but we all know that being online comes with a whole set of safety, wellbeing and ethical considerations.

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Week 1: Hate, trolls, and phone addiction (and what to do about them)

Pepe the frog was killed off by his creator after becaming an alt-right symbol. Photo:



Let’s go through the Subject Guide including Assessments.

Saying mean stuff online

WATCH: Celebs read mean tweets, from the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Hate speech

DISCUSSION: What is hate speech? How would you define it?

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