Week 3: Analysing #teamTAFE’s channels

“Social Media Logos on An Art Background” by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Now that you have looked at the Australian and worldwide audiences for different platforms, it’s time to look deeply at our audiences for TAFE Radio, the Off Campus website, and the Off Campus social accounts.

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#5: New Perspectives

Photo by form PxHere


Take 10 photos of things you’re looking at every day.

Take them from a different perspective, so you see them differently.

When you’re done:

Post as a gallery on your WordPress site with an appropriate headline and/or to Instagram.

If you’re feeling brave, share the post link to our section Facebook group with the hashtag #ContentChallenge

Need some help getting started?

Look at your every day environment in a different way.


    • Looking up from the ground
    • Standing on a chair or box (safety first!) and looking down
    • Extreme close ups
    • Looking through glass
    • Reflections
    • … whatever you have on hand to change the way you see the pace around you …

Telling a story with Instagram

A snapshot of the Humans of New York Instagram account.
A snapshot of the Humans of New York Instagram account.

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while, you would be aware of a very successful (and often very beautiful) account called Humans of New York. The Insta account has now grown to include a web page, Facebook page, and a book. It’s also spawned possibly thousands of storytelling sites just like it.

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Great Instagram accounts to follow

After the party. iPhone photo copyright Verity Chambers
After the party. iPhone photo ©Verity Chambers

As with any creative pursuit, it’s hard to become a great practitioner unless you look at other people’s work. By far the best way to learn to write well is to read a lot (and then write a lot). It’s exactly the same with singing, dancing, painting and … photography.

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