Week 14 (20/11): Oz music yay

We think they’ve stolen our mascot, but hey …

RADIO: Final portfolio and reflection are due.

JOURNALISM: due now: Assessment 2 Final Portfolio and reflection.

See Subject Guide for specifics and be sure to address the criteria.

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Week 10 (21/10): Fiction vs nonfiction

Image by tunnelmotions from Pixabay


What’s the Difference?

Works of fiction and nonfiction can each be enthralling and valuable pieces of literature, but they are different in several important ways.

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Week 4 (28/8): Live show prep

radio students in the tafe radio studio in ultimo, sydney
Our baes Priscilla and Anna. #teamTAFE4eva! Photo: Verity Chambers


Special guest Brian Newington

Destination: Weekly TAFE radio show; that’s what we’re gearing up for!

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Week 4: Let’s get organised

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Before we start making lots of content, it’s helpful to set up some systems.

Where will you save your files? Your notes? Your research?

How will you name things?

How will you keep track?

And what happens if your drive is wiped, or your file corrupts? Will you have a back up somewhere?

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