Week 7 O&S (26/3): Choose your exercise

Photo: pikrepo.com/CC

Hey folks! Today you will be able to choose what you do. In all three cases, it would be great to have the work completed by the end of class. So here goes:

  1. Make a story about anything except COVID-19. Your story can be written, audio, video, photos, or graphics (or something else you come up with!) It can be for any platform (Off Campus, TAFE Radio, our socials)
    TIP: Remember the next show’s theme is ‘pirate’, so that might be a way to start coming up with ideas)
  2. Make something to promo the show (  <- poetry!). This will be for one (or all) of our social media platforms. One idea is maybe to do a story about how we’re putting a show together despite physical distance. It *might* include a chat with Brian about how he pulls off the remote radio magic
  3. Use this morning for a WordPress workshop with me

Whichever you choose, you must write a quick outline of what you plan to do before you do it, and be specific.

I will be creating some quiet rooms for people to break into so I can work with them on their ideas. As always, we value collaboration, so if you want to work with someone else, let me know.

We will stay in Zoom, in rooms. It makes it easier for me to facilitate if anyone needs advice, or if you want to show me what you’re doing.


Audio stories should be uploaded to the Future Shows folder in the Google Drive

Written stories can be submitted for Off Campus to the Stories folder

Socials stories will be by negotiation with me 🙂