Week 11: Simple videos Part 2


Before we start on today’s stuff, let’s take some time to assess where you are with the following:

  1. How are you going with your interview (MoJo story 2)? Are you on track?
  2. Let’s review last week’s assessment task  for the vertical video story (MoJo story 3).
  3. Now let’s work on your vertical video story idea (i.e. your script, shot list, and storyboard).
  4. There are apps for everything, so do some research to see if you can find any that will help with storyboarding or shot lists. Because we love you, we’ll give you one as a tip: Shot Lister. Free on iOS … but not free on Android, soz (annoying, and platformist!) If you find apps that are helpful, please share! 💜
  5. Once your script, shot list, and storyboard are looking ok, take the stills you need (please see Simple Video Stories Part 1 for full details).

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Week 1: Intro to MoJo

Photo: pxhere.com/CC

Yusuf Omar is the founder of MoJo org ‘Hashtag Our Stories’. He has a serious journalism pedigree – he’s the former mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, and also worked as Snapchat social media reporter at CNN.

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Choosing a video editor for your smartphone

Using smartphones to make media. Photo: Kaique Rocha/CC/Pexels
Using smartphones to make media. Photo: Kaique Rocha/CC/Pexels


There are hundreds of video editing apps on the market, but most of them are junk. After testing every app available from free to paid versions, the conclusion I reached is you pay for what you get.

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