Week 3: Creating news

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Like in the famous newsroom above, with changing technology the pace and urgency of news has only increased.

Editorial meetings

News conferences or editorial meetings are where editorial staff like journalists pitch ideas to editors who determine which stories are going to be published or broadcast in the next edition.

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Week 1: Welcome to News Conference

editors around a conference table at a media production meeting, or news conference
Reporters and editors put their heads together. Picture: 13winds/Flickr/C

The first and most important in the process of generating a publication or broadcast is the news conference where the editor or executive producer presides over a meeting in which staff gather to pitch for a spot on the news list, generate ideas and allocate jobs.

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Week 1 (19/7): Orient yourself!


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Now that you’ve completed your orientation and LLN questionnaires, let’s introduce ourselves.

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