Week 8 Writing (21/9): Leads & headlines

woman standing in front of mocked up newspaper posters
“Headline News – The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – Jun 2018” by Gareth1953 All Right Now is licensed under CC BY 2.0



Headlines are a way of grabbing the reader’s attention. In fact, a study has shown that almost 60 per cent of people will share a link having only read the headline.

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Week 7 (16/9): News story

newspapers and news apps on an ipad and phone
Photo: sollok29/CC/Wikimedia Commons

You have turned a TV News Report into a Radio News Report

As Radio listeners can’t see any visuals, you must find ways to describe scenes, graphs, incidents, people etc so that the listeners could visualise the report through words.

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Week 4 (Writing 24/8): Structure

Photo: Scott Webb /CC/ Pexels


To start: a research challenge

Google is running a news verification challenge.

Each week, the Google News Initiative Training Network will share a problem for you to solve. It might be finding a certain something online, tracking down a location, or solving a puzzle. You’ll just have to wait and see!

There are prizes for the people/team with the most points.

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