Week 6 (16/3): Workflow, scripting, and content

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  • This week: WHS assessment allocation
  • Workflow ā€“ from idea stage to research and planning, through recording to production, editing and posting/broadcast
  • Scripting: narration, intros and outros
  • Content ā€“ How to find an expert
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Week 3 (24/2): Basic news story construction

Cluttered and negative thoughts can cripple writers. Photo: Drew Coffman/flickr/CC


Today we will be looking at the basic rules and techniques for building a news story.

But first Iā€™d like to take a quick detour and consider the mental approach to writing with particular reference to the sort of technical lesson we are about to do.

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Week 3 (22/2): Creating news

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Like in the famous newsroom above, with changing technology the pace and urgency of news has only increased.

Editorial meetings

News conferences or editorial meetings are where editorial staff like journalists pitch ideas to editors who determine which stories are going to be published or broadcast in the next edition.

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