Week 1 (23/7): Intro to Fri-yays

Radio host with headphones. Photo: Pixy.org/CC


  • How On-Air, News Conference, and Live Socials work together
  • Sense of day

What specifically are we aiming to do in Radio Content & On Air?

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Week 1: Welcome to News Conference

editors around a conference table at a media production meeting, or news conference
Reporters and editors put their heads together. Picture: 13winds/Flickr/C

The first and most important in the process of generating a publication or broadcast is the news conference where the editor or executive producer presides over a meeting in which staff gather to pitch for a spot on the news list, generate ideas and allocate jobs.

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Week 1: Intro to Writing

The staff of The Breeze student newspaper, 1963. Photo: JMU Libraries/CC/flickr


Welcome to Writing

Writing is a simple word that encompasses many meanings, even when restricted to the world of journalism, and, when it’s done right, is both a craft AND an art.

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