Week 1 (12/2): Intro to Fri-yays

Radio host with headphones. Photo: Pixy.org/CC


  • How Newsroom and On-Air work together
  • Sense of day

What specifically are we aiming to do in Radio Content & On Air?

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Week 13 (10/11): Researching a news story

Photo: Needpix.com


Research your topic

When writing a news article you need to research the topic extensively. To have a credible, well written, well-structured article, you have to know the topic well. Still it’s a lot trickier than you might think finding the right information, ensuring its factual.

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Quotes and punctuation

protesting the murder of george floyd
Protesting the murder of George Floyd. Photo: Ted Eytan/CC/Flickr


Last week we practised our news writing skills. Each story we write ultimately improves our technique. There are many theories to master in the art of writing. Your job is to practice, practise, practice.

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Week 7 Producing (14/9): Make Me Media

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


Diploma TAFE Radio Show streaming times: 

    • Monday. 11am
    • Tuesday. 3pm
    • Thursday. 6pm
    • Saturday. 10am

Today’s task is Make Me Media plus listen to TAFE Radio and air-check in real time!

Let’s have a content meeting and strive to create a story that’s NOT COVID-19  related.

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Week 5 (2/9): Writing for broadcast news

journalists in the al jazeera newsroom
Al Jazeera English newsroom. Photo: Paul Keller/CC/flickr


Class discussion: How do you interact with TV and Radio news?

Elements used in TV news:

    • A script written by the reporter
    • On-location footage featuring the reporter and interviewees
    • Video footage supplied by a cameraman
    • Audio recorded by the reporter (narration and interviews with sources/witnesses)
    • Still images and graphic images (tables/charts/cartoons etc)
    • A news anchor/presenter

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