Week 3: Analysing #teamTAFE’s channels

“Social Media Logos on An Art Background” by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0


Now that you have looked at the Australian and worldwide audiences for different platforms, it’s time to look deeply at our audiences for TAFE Radio, the Off Campus website, and the Off Campus social accounts.

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What can I make for Off Campus?

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You’re encouraged to produce as many stories and other digital content as you like for our Off Campus website or for our social sites, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, Facebook.

They can be written stories (breaking news updates – also known as briefs; interviews; profiles; reviews; lists; explainers; opinion pieces; even fiction).

They could also be simple audio stories (vox pops; interviews; radio segments; radio news bulletins).

Or create a story, video (live or not), series of tweets, a photo gallery, or anything else creative you think of on social media (Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, Facebook).

The categories we’re inviting you to create content for are below.


Musician profiles, music events, concerts, reviews, gig guides, Spotify playlists.


Profiles of artists or creatives (other than musicians), reviews of stuff that’s not music (books, film, theatre, dance, etc.), tech and innovation news, nerd stuff, anything cultural that’s not music.


News, current events, Trump does silly things, climate change, environment, science news, business and finance, good news stories, politics.


Anything sport.


Student profiles, travel, food, anything study-related, mental health, wellbeing, sexuality and gender, fiction/short stories.

If you’re confused about where the thing you want to make is going to fit, please ask! The more you make, the better you’ll get at content creation. And it helps with your assessments, too 🥰