Week 11: Taking your own photos is a snap

The Cat Empire rocks The Metro. Picture: Mark Gately


We use a lot of Creative Commons images in our blogs, tasks and assessments so it’s easy to forget that we have another source at our fingertips.

Taking your own photos is in many ways a better option than trying to find just the right photo in a vast library. Particularly if you’re going to have to settle for a generic image – and the subject of your story is right there in front of you being interviewed!

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Week 9: Adding value to your stories

There are plenty of options for making your story stand out. Picture: otherthings/CC/flickr


All the bells and whistles

Finding a great story and writing it beautifully isn’t enough these days – for your readers or the people who employ you.

It’s more important than ever to both get someone’s attention and keep them engaged.

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Week 8: Photos, graphics, and illustrations

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For all the content you create, you should think about the best format for the story (is it written? Photos? Video? A short story told using infographics?)

No matter which format you choose, imagery is really, really important. Scroll quickly through one of your social feeds and make a note of the posts that make you pause – it’s really likely they contain an image.

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Week 4: The write stuff

Getting the news out in Harry Potter. Photo: Karen Roe/flickr/CC


Professional story presentation

Submitting a news story for a News Conference assessment is exactly the same as submitting a story for a newspaper or website – only the format will change.

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