Week 4: Copyright matters!

Don’t steal stuff. Photo by Anna Shvets/CC/Pexels.com


At #teamTAFE you’ll hear this over and over again: copyright matters

There are laws in place to ensure we don’t just use whatever content we find online. Admittedly those laws are complex because they can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Many countries use their own copyright laws to determine whether or not a violation has occurred. You can read more about international copyright law here.

TL;DR: Assume you cannot steal borrow the stuff you find online.

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Week 2: How the hell do I find a good story idea?

Sometimes a great yarn can be staring you in the face. Photo: musubk/flickr/CC


Potholes in local roads aren’t just something to be cursed because they set your teeth on edge when you hit one. They affect everyone – slowing traffic and causing damage to cars. They could even be a sign of local government corruption.

They are also the perfect example of not having to travel far to hit a good idea.

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