Week 9 Presenting (19/4): Reading the Room

Read the room … Three monkeys, Camperdown, Sydney. Photo: Neerav Bhatt/CC/flickr


Reading the room:


  • Generating and reacting
  • Duos, panels and trios
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Week 1 (12/2): Intro to News Conference

Reporters and editors put their heads together. Picture: 13winds/Flickr/CC


Welcome to News Conference

Journalism is a series of team efforts that results in the reader, listener or viewer being alerted, informed or entertained by a story.

β€œIf you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?” ― fantasy and science fiction novelist Matthew Woodring Stover

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Week 14 (18/11): Content challenge day + assessments

Haven’t submitted assessments yet? Be like Shia.

The end of the semester is screaming towards us like an out of control freight train. Soz if that stresses you out … it shouldn’t! You are amazing and have done fab things! And we are here to help.

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Week 12 (6/11): Radio ratings and other stuff

Have a clear idea of your personal brand. (You got this! πŸ’œ) Photo: Dazzle Jam/CC/Pexels.com


Industry news

Radio ratings are out. In Sydney, Smooth and 2GB top the heap:

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Week 12 (3/11): Recap week

Photo: Karen at Mason Jars/CC/Wikimedia Commons


First up – how are you?

Are you on track to finish your assessment? (For this class, and your Wednesday class.) Any points of stress?

Do you need any extra help? More time? Some time on campus? A chat to work out how to get things done?

How are you balancing your study workload, your other commitments and your down time?

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