Week 4: The write stuff

Getting the news out in Harry Potter. Photo: Karen Roe/flickr/CC


Professional story presentation

Submitting a news story for a News Conference assessment is exactly the same as submitting a story for a newspaper or website – only the format will change.

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Week 3: Interviews, quotes and how to get them

A press conference is a great source of quotes. Photo: www.audio-luci-store.it/CC/flickr


Quotes are at the heart of just about every story you will do and the way you get those quotes in from interviews.

Interviews can be a daunting process for the reporter – both conducting them and obtaining them.

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Quotes and punctuation

protesting the murder of george floyd
Protesting the murder of George Floyd. Photo: Ted Eytan/CC/Flickr


Last week we practised our news writing skills. Each story we write ultimately improves our technique. There are many theories to master in the art of writing. Your job is to practice, practise, practice.

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