Week 14 (20/11): Oz music yay

We think they’ve stolen our mascot, but hey …

RADIO: Final portfolio and reflection are due.

JOURNALISM: due now: Assessment 2 Final Portfolio and reflection.

See Subject Guide for specifics and be sure to address the criteria.

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Week 8 Newsroom (21/9): Social media, multimedia and journalism

logos: youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram
“Social Media Logos” by BrickinNick is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0


First another news quiz.

WATCH: Careers at Nine https://www.nineforbrands.com.au/about/careers/

How many different forms of media did you see in this video?

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Week 8 Producing (21/9): Radio shelf life

Photo by Mark Sebastian


Radio can have a short shelf life.

A live break weather is broadcast or streamed and disappears into the ether never to be heard again. (It’s just the weather!)

Classic radio is made that may end up in Australia’s National Archive.

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