Week 9 Producing (19/4): Generating ideas

Ideas are precious. Photo illustration: pikrepo.com/CC


Let’s take a look at:

  • Generating ideas for topics for program segments
  • How can we put a new angle on the topic?
  • Identifying opportunities for audio production elements
  • Think about being adaptive to the way that we make media
  • Sometimes, we have the luxury of a radio studio, other times, we create remotely or at home:


Discuss how our Assessment “Evergreen” radio pieces are progressing.

By now, you should have submitted 2 to 3 pieces Google Drive, FINAL ASSESSMENTS.

Let’s start with a combined Radio/Journalism editorial and content meeting:

  1. Discuss how this morning’s 11am show is shaping up
  2. Brainstorm ideas for next week’s Music Legends show

Checklist to include run-down, segments, interviews, talk breaks, hosts, songs, sweepers, etc.