Week 12: Strategic sharing & hashtags

Hashtags are one way to channel content. Photo: Mikael Blomkvist/Pexels

You’ve set up your accounts, and have made some content. How do you get your content seen by your audience? How do you stop it getting lost in the vast reaches of the internet?

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Week 8: Photos, graphics, and illustrations

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

For all the content you create, you should think about the best format for the story (is it written? Photos? Video? A short story told using infographics?)

No matter which format you choose, imagery is really, really important. Scroll quickly through one of your social feeds and make a note of the posts that make you pause – it’s really likely they contain an image.

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Week 8 Newsroom: Social media, multimedia, and journalism

logos: youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram
Social media has become an important tool for reporters. Picture: BrickinNick/CC/flickr


First another news quiz.

WATCH: Careers at Nine https://www.nineforbrands.com.au/about/careers/

How many different forms of media did you see in this video?

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