Week 5 (12/3): Socials stories

“@brockuniversity Social Media” by giulia.forsythe is marked with CC0 1.0


We are in Week 5 already!

From here until the end of semester we will be creating content each week for the Off Campus social media platforms.

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Week 4 (3/3): Getting the message out

“Social Media Icons Color Splash Montage – Square” by Visual Content is licensed under CC BY 2.0


The human brain is wired to remember stories. Tell the right story, one that resonates with your audience, and it can build relationships, communities and engagement.

Stories create conversations with your audience, rather than just talking or broadcasting at them.

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Week 2 (17/2): Intro to MoJo

Photo: pxhere.com/CC

Yusuf Omar is the founder of MoJo org ‘Hashtag Our Stories’. He has a serious journalism pedigree – he’s the former mobile editor at the Hindustan Times, and also worked as Snapchat social media reporter at CNN.

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