MoPho portfolio exercises

Happy, Sydney Opera House. Photo © Verity Chambers
Happy, Sydney Opera House. Photo © Verity Chambers

A list of our weekly exercises, which you’ll need to post as a portfolio of work in a gallery on your WordPress sites for assessment. Feel free to interpret each in any way you want to, though the theme of each photograph should be clear to a viewer.

You can also do more than one photo for each theme. The more we shoot, the better we get 🙂

#portrait by a window
#high key (not the musical kind!)
#low key (^ Ditto)
#rule of thirds
#5photosofarelative (that convey character and tell a story)
#ChinatownSydney (you can find the brief here)
#strangerinthestreet (in the style of Magnum photographer Trent Parke‘s street photography)
#product (two photos)



Today’s exercise: take a story in the news and turn it into an infographic.

READ: Some guidelines and tips for making effective graphics

Some examples (which ones work well, and which ones don’t?):

More examples and inspiration: The 100 Best Infographics

Tools for building infographics

Design templates and infographic builders:

60 awesome free tools (via Canva, including info on where to find illustrations, photographs, fonts and more)