Week 8 (23/9): Catch up week

water birds silhouetted against a sunset reflected in the water
C4 #teamTAFE on holidays. Photo: Sadafriyan/CC/Wikimedia Commons

Welcome to MoJo week 8. To celebrate the start of the mid-semester break at the end of this week, we’re using today to catch up on any work you need to do.

If you’re finished, ten gold stars to you! There’s something for *you* to do too 😇

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Week 14 MoJo (27/5): Reconciliation prep

Illustration: The National Reconciliation Week website

Two things today:

  1. Find your MoJo to make something for Reconciliation Week
  2. For homework, prepare a vox pop on any topic. We will do the vox pop as an exercise in class next week.

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