Week 2 (17/2): Writing and formatting an audio story or podcast

three kittens in a basket
Three little kittens: L-R Setup, Conflict, and Resolution. Photo: pxfuel.com/CC


Recap Week #1

Last week you completed a simple task to find an idea that might be suitable for your Audio Story or Podcast. You then made a list of different things relating to that idea.

So now it’s time to start writing up your story. 

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Week 2 (15/2): Intro to Writing

“Writing Tools” by peteoshea is licensed under CC BY 2.0



  • What does a writer look like? What image do you have when you think of a writer?
  • What sort of person are they?
  • Who here wants to be a writer?
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Week 14 (16/11): The End

Photo: Thomas Hawk/flickr, some rights reserved

Sally Adams explains in her book that a feature should offer a satisfying conclusion. She says features often end with statements or quotes; less commonly with anecdotes and descriptions; rarely with questions. My advice: avoid the question ending at all costs – it should be left to experienced writers!

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Week 13 (10/11): Researching a news story

Photo: Needpix.com


Research your topic

When writing a news article you need to research the topic extensively. To have a credible, well written, well-structured article, you have to know the topic well. Still it’s a lot trickier than you might think finding the right information, ensuring its factual.

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Week 13 (9/11): Diving in – Starting to write your story


The lead.

‘It’s no good standing there at the beginning of an article flexing your muscles. Just do the old handspring right away.’

                      – ‘Cassandra’, Daily Mirror

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