Week 12: Writing and presenting for video

In some places reporters file for TV, radio, and online. Photo: Terje Sollie/Pexels.com


Key learning and task, part 3:

  • Let’s look back at what we’ve done so far
  • Present to camera and connect with your viewer
  • Keyword or fully structure a script
  • Develop techniques for reading scripted material and communicating effectively on camera
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Week 9: The science of reading online

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on Pexels.com

A lot of your audience is likely to find and consume your work on their phones, so it’s worth determining how to present your stories in the most effective way.

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Week 7: Creating content for mobile

Photo by Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

You might use a laptop or desktop to create a lot of your digital content, but once it’s published or posted the overwhelming majority of that content will be viewed on a mobile phone.

That means understanding the best way to write and use photos, video, and other visual elements so they attract attention and are easy to read.

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