Week 4: Breathing and the 4Ps

Vocal exercises and breathing are a really important part of presentation. Photo by Serena Koi from Pexels



  • The 4Ps (pitch, pace, pause, projection)
  • Breathing
  • Getting familiar with the studio

Please read and become familiar with the Subject Guide.

Journalist and TV presenter Sian Jones discusses tone, pitch, pace, key words, and keeping it conversational:

And out of the mouths of babes: said when a child says something that surprises you because it seems very wise. Pace, emphasis, diction, tone and volume:

The diaphragm: a dome-shaped muscular partition separating the thorax from the abdomen in mammals. It plays a major role in breathing, as its contraction increases the volume of the thorax and so inflates the lungs.

Breathing: tips to avoid running out of breath and how to enhance projection with Vocal Power’s Earl Sky:

Studio tips: how to host a radio show with Jackie Green from WGRD 97.9:

  • As a group, practise breathing and vocal exercises for 5 minutes.
  • Then write 2-3 talk breaks for TAFE radio. Repeat warm-ups individually.
  • Record your scripts in a conversational style (do not edit) and save as .mp3s.
  • Start work on a 1-hour show rundown.
  • Upload the work to the Student Weekly Tasks folder in the Google Drive.

Listen and get to know your radio station:

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