Radio codes of practice

Depending on which part of the radio industry you want to work in, there are specific codes and standards that you need to adhere to.

This is in addition to all other areas of media law (including copyright, defamation, contempt of court etc).

Commercial radio

Commercial radio broadcasters must follow the Commercial Radio Code of Practice. This is updated every three years in consultation with the regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (or the ACMA).

In addition, there are guidelines that commercial radio broadcasters are encouraged to follow.

Community radio

Community broadcasters follow the Community Radio Codes of Practice. Again they’re developed in consultation with the ACMA.

Activity: Read the codes for the community and commercial sectors side by side.

What are the similarities?

What are the differences?

ABC codes of practice and editorial policies

The ABC have their own codes and editorial policies that staff must follow. This has information that guides all of their content, including news, comedy, on air, online and social media.

Activity: What are the key editorial policies of the ABC? What are the major differences between these policies and the other two codes of practice you’ve read? Why do you think they’re so different?

What does this mean for me?

Depending on what part of the industry you want to work in, you need to understand and follow the relevant codes or policies at all times.

Get to know them back to front.

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